SmartNews San Francisco – Grand Opening!


The next time you walk down 2nd Street in San Francisco, look up! You might see a familiar face waving at you.

Recently, we celebrated the grand opening of our new San Francisco office. More than 150 people attended—and what a night it was! It was a typical barnyard dance party, with amazing rustic food, build-your-own-terrariums (Fractal Flora), local sake (Sequoia Sake), lightsaber battles and an epic sumo match with Chikyukun, our mascot!

Check out photos of our opening night party and new office HERE.

We also celebrated the first anniversary of our US product. Within the first three months of our launch, we had over 1 million monthly active users and started trending as the #1 news app. Within the first year, over 120+ major publications have partnered with us and we won a Top 50 Startup award.

Our new office will be more than just an amazing place to work. Located right on 2nd/Mission in the heart of San Francisco’s startup alley, SmartNews SF will also serve as a great place for meetup events. (We just hosted the SFNewTech Crawl and the SF Bay Area Machine Learning Meetup, with more than 100 visiting engineers; see pics.)

Stay tuned for more tech, machine learning and journalism events each month! (And if you have one you’d like to host in our new space, contact us.)



2015-10-29 19.01.11

2015-10-29 18.06.07-2

2015-10-30 10.57.40

(See many more pics of our office and party here.)

PS. Did I mention how much I LOVE our new office? ~Vincent