How SmartNews Helps 300+ Publishers Reach New Audiences

From the beginning, SmartNews set out to approach news differently. Instead of using algorithms for hyper-personalization and short-term clicks, we use them for discovery and long-term quality. How can we help users find hidden gems that are interesting and important—beyond their usual reading habits and social feeds? And how can we help publishers connect with new audiences—beyond their existing demographic or social platforms?


Today, more than 300 top U.S. publishers (700+ worldwide) are using SmartNews and the power of machine learning to attract new audiences:

Jodi Donner, Growth Editor, Gizmodo Media Group: “SmartNews has been an excellent partner in helping us reach a new audience on their platform — our brands like Gizmodo, io9 and Lifehacker have been able to reach an entirely new and very engaged audience. Their team has been a pleasure to work with from setting up our sites on the platform to helping us grow.”

Breton Fischetti, VP Commerce, Business Insider: “Our mission is to be where our users are, and SmartNews has been an effective way for us to reach and acquire new mobile users—a very important audience for Business Insider.”

Matt Moore, Partnership Manager, Vox Media: “At Vox Media, our motto is to ‘Go Deeper.’ SmartNews’s clean interface and straightforward user experience help us engage our passionate audiences by cutting through the noise and letting users focus on going deeper into our stories.”

Three years and seven million U.S. downloads later (30 million worldwide), SmartNews has proven that discovery outperforms over-personalization–a unique approach that appeals to many publishers.

Shiloh Gullickson, Business Development Manager, HuffPost: “As a publisher, we want to showcase our stories in quality news-reading environments. Over the past three years, SmartNews has helped deliver our content to millions of users in the U.S. and Japan.”

Brian Aguilar, Director of Product, MarketWatch: “MarketWatch is constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with readers and help all understand what the news of the day means for you and your money. SmartNews has been a wonderful partner on this mission, helping MarketWatch to deliver its financial brand of journalism to a wider, more global audience.”

Rafat Ali, CEO and Founder, Skift: “As a media industry veteran, I’ve worked with many social platforms and news apps, but not all of them are publisher-friendly—or content-first. SmartNews lets us reach new audiences in a way that makes sense, by showing our articles when and where users want to read them.”

Fact: Users on average spend more than seven hours a month on SmartNews—far above most news apps. Quality is addicting, and that’s a good thing for publishers and users alike.

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