SmartNews is the best way to track real-time results on Election Day

SAN FRANCISCO – October 27, 2020 – SmartNews, the leading global news app, announced today the release of new features that will enable U.S. voters to obtain key presidential, congressional, gubernatorial and local election results, in real-time and at a glance. 

SmartNews marries data and design in a mobile-friendly way that helps users easily visualize — and share — the latest returns and other election-related information. Among the new features:

  • Real-Time Voting Data – Election results are auto-refreshed every minute.
  • Local Results – Access local election results and information down to the county level, with interactive maps integrated into the app interface.
  • Easy to Share – Quickly and easily share election results with others, without further clicks or even having to open the app.

“This year’s presidential election is happening in highly unusual times,” said Ken Suzuki, founder and Chief Executive Officer of SmartNews. “With the spread of COVID-19, people are even more focused on, and concerned about, the vote and its aftermath. Now more than ever, they crave accurate and reliable information. As a non-partisan media tech company, SmartNews is dedicated to delivering quality information for our users, and through these new features will provide voters with the most non-partisan, accurate, real-time and trustworthy election news and results.”

The new tools add to SmartNews’s already formidable array of election features. The “News From All Sides” slider presents a range of perspectives on each presidential candidate, giving readers an easy way to escape filter bubbles by displaying articles from across the political spectrum. Readers not only get perspectives they agree with but can also sample perspectives they may disagree with. Plus, they get the best of fact-based, trusted-by-all-sides reporting from the world’s most credible English-language news sources.

Earlier this fall, the company also launched its Election 2020 Voting Information Hub in the “Election 2020” channel to provide handy information on when, how and where to cast a ballot for each race, making SmartNews the one-stop solution to support voting.


About SmartNews

SmartNews is a leading global news-discovery company dedicated to delivering quality information to the people who need it. SmartNews provides news that matters to millions of users thanks to its unique machine learning technology and relationships with over 3,000 global publisher partners. Founded in 2012, SmartNews has been downloaded more than 50 million times globally. The company has raised $182 million in venture funding, and has achieved a valuation of $1.2 billion, making it the first news app unicorn since 2015. 

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