Wildfire Addition to “Disaster Info Hubs” Provides Active Fire Details, Accurate Maps, and Trusted News and Information to Help People Make Informed Decisions

SAN FRANCISCO – SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 – SmartNews Inc., the global leader in redefining information and news discovery, announced today the launch of its Wildfire “Disaster Info Hub,” an extension of its recently launched “Disaster Info Hubs,” which began with Hurricanes in early September. The “Disaster Info Hubs” are part of an ongoing commitment to providing quality and timely health and safety information. SmartNews will provide detailed information aggregation and resources for those in the paths of wildfires as well as organizations and agencies providing assistance to those affected. This feature aligns with SmartNews’s overarching value proposition and mission to deliver quality information to the people who need it.

“The last several years have been particularly devastating for the Pacific Northwest when it comes to wildfires,” said Jeannie Yang, SVP of Product at SmartNews. “Our goal is to provide accurate and updated information on active fires to our users so that they may make the most informed decisions for their families, properties and businesses.”

Wildfire data will come from The National Weather Service and will be provided on a regional basis, including active fire maps, news articles and tweets on natural disasters.

Download the SmartNews app and look for the Wildfire “Disaster Info Hub” here.

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