SmartNews Launches New Feature for Movie and Show Recommendations

SAN FRANCISCO – July 28, 2022 – SmartNews Inc., a global leader in news discovery, announced today the launch of its new feature “What to Watch,” a hub in the Entertainment Channel that allows users to browse articles, trailers, and rankings to decide which movies and shows they should choose next.

By aggregating news and analysis about all the shows and movies available on both prominent streaming networks and in theaters, SmartNews is a one-stop shop users can trust to choose their next movie or show. Users can also use the hub to watch and track shows across multiple major platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney +.

“We’re striking the perfect balance between comprehensiveness and personalization,” said Chuck Lee, Director of product at SmartNews. “Users can feel confident that they’re browsing every movie and show out there, but in an experience that will surface recommendations for what they, specifically, will likely want to watch next.”

One test user, Emily H., commented, “I use SmartNews because it gave me all the news I needed to know. Now, it has even more comprehensive and personalized content so I can decide what movies and shows I should watch.”

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