A Better Way to Consume News


Since day one, SmartNews has been on a mission to deliver the world’s quality information to the people who need it. We were founded on the idea that premium, trustworthy news should be accessible to all. Throughout our 12-year journey, we’ve seen significant changes to the media landscape and the way our users consume information. Starting last year, we decided to double down on our commitment to ensure balanced content is available to everyone. After dedicating hundreds of hours to user research, our findings pointed to struggles with the echo chamber of news, clickbait headlines, and keeping up with current events. 

To address these core concerns, we’ve updated our news platform to empower users to break out of their bubbles and cut through the noise. Our goal is to give everyone the tools to navigate the news with ease. We’re doing just that with a blend of state-of-the-art algorithms and editor curation to create a balanced feed filled with stories that matter. 

It’s time to feel good about being informed. 

Here’s how our commitment to balance comes to life across our platform.

Connect Consciously  

We combine editor curation with our state-of-the-art algorithm to bring our users diverse news perspectives from our reputable publishing partners. While many news apps can feel like a form of social media, SmartNews takes a different approach. By coupling algorithmically ranked news and content curated by our award-winning team, we can show our users the relevant stories and let them discover interesting stories on their own.

Find Balance

Getting a full picture of the news allows users to make informed decisions, but getting reliable information can feel like a challenge. Our News From All Sides tool shows stories from both sides of the spectrum giving essential context for users to make up their own minds. With a 360 view of what left, right and center have to say about the most important issues, our users always get comprehensive coverage curated by experienced journalists. 

Ditch Doom and Gloom

In 2023, we decided to address doomscrolling with SmartTake—a tab to help you stay informed without ruining your mental health. Our specialized curation allows us to provide an array of uplifting stories in addition to political and business news. Our goal is to help users understand the news that impacts them with diverse perspectives and balanced coverage. The best part? We implemented a definitive “end” to the SmartTake newsfeed. This means once users have read the news, they’re all done. No more doomscolling.

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