“For You” – a smarter way to discover news

You may have recently noticed a new section within the Top channel, called “For You.” This new feature is the culmination of months of data-science research and user testing. It’s designed not only to automatically deliver news on topics you’re already interested in, but to help you discover what you might like to read next.


Why is this important? Many news or social sites tailor what you see to what they think your individual interests are. The problem is, when news becomes too personalized, it leads to what’s known as a “filter bubble.” You start to see the same kinds of stories over and over again. This makes the problem of fake news worse, as more readers only get exposed to stories that agree with their pre-existing opinions—whether those stories are true or not.

“For You” brings you the best of both worlds: more of the stories and topics that you already follow, and completely new topics and trends that may interest you next. Unlike news apps that simply show you more of what you’ve already read, the “For You” section is designed for “personalized discovery” — using data science to predict what you might like to discover next.


The best part is the more you use SmartNews, the smarter it becomes. As you use the app, we’ll be looking for more stories that others like you are finding interesting, even if they’re new to you. After all, that’s why we read the news in the first place: to be surprised, to learn something new about the world and to be informed about something important we haven’t yet heard about.

It’s not news personalization. It’s personalized discovery, powered by machine learning. And it’s what makes SmartNews smarter than other news apps.